Photography details

I am based in Brisbane, Australia and enjoy being outdoors and doing active hobbies including mountain hiking, scuba diving and watching live bands play awesome music.

I am a photographer with technical skill and knowledge of my cameras. I have an artistic eye and compose my shots to produce engaging and thought-provoking photos. I am available for contract photography work as a primary or backup camera operator and have a portfolio of some of my areas of photography.

I have nothing to do with the creative production in Fight Club or The Crow but the gentleman who does has an excellent name.

For more information about this Alex McDowell – the Australian one – have a look at the following details:

Brisbane floods - 2011 - Rosalie intersection
I was delivering chicken curry to flooded home-owners in Brisbane and paused to take a photo of the intersection. Someone with a zoom lens took this shot of me and put it on the front page of the New York Times (image.) I’m pleased that I was wearing my best hat during my 15 seconds of fame.