Photography details

Alex taking a photo of something up a tree

I am available for assignment photography work around Brisbane and surrounding areas.

I have a versatile range of skills and a lateral approach for the projects to give my photos a novel advantage. I have received awards for my photography from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the Queensland Conservation Council.

Genres of work

My experience includes:

Wallaby looking schmick
I can take your photo and make you look good.
  • Portrait photos for formal business websites

  • Formal events including weddings, launch events and staff functions

  • Landscapes, buildings and architecture, including real estate photography

  • Product shoots to sell items, food and cars

  • Photographs and videos to illustrate workplace procedures and manuals

  • Action and sport photography

  • Never work with children or animals? I do. 

Physical exertion

I have expertise in working with:

Olympus camera logo

    • Still photography, videography and coordinating production and publication of the two media streams

    • Working in challenging environments including concerts and rain
    • Studio work with products

    • On-location work including accessing difficult locations, working at heights and in dirty outdoors locations

Sony camera logo

  • Underwater (licenced scuba diver with significant experience and complete underwater photography setup)

  • I have a high level of physical fitness and enjoy jogging and hiking.


  • Full-frame mirrorless setup (Sony) for domestic and low-light work

  • Micro four-thirds (Olympus) for outdoors, underwater, cliff-top and heavy-duty assignments

  • Off-camera sound production equipment and experience in recording live music

  • Off-camera flashes and experience in setting up nice lighting for portraits and weddings

  • I operate an editing suite for post-production and have the ability to post-process content on location. I am experienced in working with Adobe Lightroom; Photoshop; Illustrator; Premiere and managing content for third-party printers

  • I have an A3 colour printer for fast proofing of work, and can bring the printer to location if required

  • I have significant experience in producing online content, including social media and content management systems (WordPress / Drupal / Woocommerce / Magento / Neto / Immediacy)

I also have experience in working with other photographers, am a reliable second camera, and happy to consider assignments at short notice.