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What is this website?

This website address is: Other domain names may redirect to a section of this site. If you would like information about technical aspects of this site for your own web projects please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Reams and reams and reams of reams of data

What do you mean you collect data?

This site is a personal website and is primarily designed for outgoing, static content.

However this site, its plugins, and connected entities will use identification elements including cookies to analyse visitor trends and identify security risks.

Obviously, if you use the contact form to send me an email, your sending address and other information will be collected.

Any linked content to third party websites and content sources including images and text may obtain your information – this will be detailed in their own privacy policies.

The data will be retained forever and a day, or until the server fills up with data and explodes; whichever comes first.


All words, images and logos on this site are subject to copyright and cannot be reproduced for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the written authorisation of the copyright holder.

Images taken for employment purposes are reproduced in this website under law set by the federal Australian Copyright Act (1968) and 2006 amendments with portfolio reproduction governed by fair use provisions.

For all other imagery, Alex asserts ownership of the visual and written content and requires any use of the materials to be granted in writing. Please feel free to contact me for further information about licencing.