This week’s creatures: 30 March 2020 – Barking owl, powerful owl, kookaburras!

Dragonfly on wall

A bit of rain coming though Brisbane has brought a lot of insect life out into the forest. The current restrictions on public events have made it difficult to organise dive trips and group walks in the evenings but we have been lucky to get out and see some of the forest friends.

The echidna was digging around looking for ants and was undisturbed by the people – must have been hungry. The dragonfly and owls have been brought out by the heavy rain. The powerful owl was watching us very closely for a potential meal… have to be very careful when walking around in the forest given current circumstances!

This week’s creatures: 19 February 2020 – Eels, Crabs, Mosquitos!

Yellow eel at Julian Rocks

We have finally had heavy rain throughout Brisbane and the northern rivers in New South Wales. This has resolved the immediate problem of drought and fires throughout the East Coast, but has also brought a huge number of biting insects to Mount Cootha, and low visibility to the waters offshore.

Fortunately, we can use these issues to our advantage when taking photos! Hopefully the rains return soon and continue filling the dams and providing the forest with water.

This week’s creatures – 22 January 2020 – Face-hugging spiders

Been a little slower on the hill recently due to a number of other activities going on – but here’s some creatures for the new year!