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Hi, this is Alex McDowell’s website. It’s a collection of some of my creative work and a showcase for my ability in photography. I hope you enjoy seeing this perspective on the world and seeing some of the unusual sights I have encountered!

I’ve included some information about me as well as a range of photos that I’ve taken – hope you enjoy them. I really enjoy creative processes with photography and putting artistic effort into getting the best results.

This website is constantly under development –  it is a personal web log. Please let me know if you spot any major issues or have requests for new material. I appreciate all feedback!

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About Alex

More details about who I am and what I do

Photograph of camera

Portfolio of photography

A stack of shots from different genres. These photos have been framed with different perspective and will make you start thinking.

Powerful Owl looking angry

Creature Gallery

The Creature Gallery is a set of shots illustrating the beauty of animals. Animals have personality and style – come and have a look to find out!