This week’s creatures – 18 July 2022!

Some of the random animals we have seen in the last couple of months!


This week’s creatures – 25 March 2022 – Bandy Bandy, Stick Insect, Wasps!

It’s been a while! Here are some shots.

This season’s creatures – 8 November 2021 – spiders, emus, water dragons!

This spider is in a funnel shaped web on Mount Cootha

It’s been a long time between updates!

Travel restrictions have made it very difficult to go diving or hiking in gnarly places. However, we have seen some pretty random stuff on some local travels. Here are some of the highlights.


This week’s creatures – 3 April 2021 – Moogerah wanderings

We have been working hard and getting out has been difficult in the last few weeks. Here are some of the sights we have seen on our travels.


This week’s creatures – 15 March 2021 – Emus, lizards, devils!

It’s been a long time between posts, and in the interim, I have been focused on a lot of other projects – backyard construction, landscaping, and studies.

The photos below show some of the interesting sights we have seen over the hot Brisbane summer.

This week’s creatures – 30 November 2020 – Baby Currawongs, Koalas, Dragonfly

Baby currawong sitting on irrigation pipe

There’s been a lot going on at the moment, both animal-wise, and project-wise. It’s been difficult to pin down a time to look at the shots!

  • There was an enormous dragonfly sitting on a tree trunk in the yard, waiting for me to get a shot
  • We have had a baby currawong bird (similar to a magpie, but less aggressive) end up in the yard, and it can’t fly. We’ve been giving it water and making sure it’s got shade during the day, and its folks are feeding it.

This week’s creatures – 15 October 2020 – The Red Hill Ski Jump!


We have been seeing a few spiders walking around on the Cootha slopes but it has generally been quiet due to the dryness and lack of rain. Hopefully we will get some proper rainfall in November, which will increase the number of animal appearances!

The road below is one-way due to the crazy steepness… if we get decent snowfall in Brisbane I would strongly endorse that the government builds a ski jump here.

This week’s creatures – 21 September 2020 – Snakeball, Beach, Trees!

We have had the opportunity to go out and see some of the Sunshine Coast forests. We have also found a humungous snake that crawled up into a tree and went to sleep.


This week’s creatures – 27 August 2020 – Tree Climbing Dragon

This week’s creatures – 27 August 2020 – Tree Climbing Dragon

It’s been a slower couple of weeks as the weather has been quite cool in the evenings and there is less animal activity. We were lucky to see a barking owl on a tree up Mount Cootha as well as a goanna climbing up a gum tree to say gday to whatever was up the top.

This week’s creatures – 9 August 2020 – Net Casting Spider Eyes!

It’s been a reasonably slow couple of weeks due to the dry winter, with less bird life on Mount Cootha in the evenings. We have still be fortunate to see some pretty amazing spiders and were able to get a photo of the Net Casting Spider, with enormous eyes to allow for good vision to be able to aim its web (when it hurls it at unsuspecting victims.)

We were very fortunate to get down to Byron Bay for a dive at the end of July and see the Grey Nurse Sharks. We were able to hear the humpback whale song during the dive and we also managed to see a sea eagle hunting a fish – pretty spectacular! It seems that we may not be able to return to Julian Rocks for a little while as the New South Wales – Queensland border is shut. We are going to have to head back to Stradbroke Island again soon 🙂