Creature Gallery 10 July 2023 – A winter trip to the beach at Eden

After finishing the studies for the semester, I went to Eden in New South Wales and hiked the beaches and mountains.

Winter’s a good time – there’s a lot going on but the weather was comfortable and it wasn’t crowded. Dress appropriately.

It was disturbing to see the melted signs and trail markers, having been left in the forest since 2019.

Creature Gallery – 24 May 2023 – Townsville trip and midnight mountain climbs

julian larissa me trinity and jimmy at farm

A couple of photos from my university trip to Townsville, the Governor’s Castle on Coronation Day, and I finally made it to the top of Flinders Peak!

PS Hans Modrow has passed away. I am too young to have any idea of what he did whilst in office, but I saw his photo every time I Googled the code for alternating colour shading in Excel…

Creature Gallery – 12 April 2023 – Mount Maroon madness!

This week’s creatures – 24 March 2023 – random urban craziness

It’s been a pretty crazy week – here are some of the more unusual sights.

Bin chicken! In the running for the official 2023 Olympics mascot!
A white Ibis bird from Brisbane
The Bin Chicken!
netcasting spider
The netcasting spider has amazing eyes – it needs them to aim its net web at flying insects during the night
Cyclone Gabrielle forecast map
The weather forecast for Norfolk Island was pretty scary. It ended up being OK for Norfolk, but very wet for New Zealand. (My father’s house is two pixels below the bottom of the nearest arrow. The wind dropped at midnight… momentarily.)
Camera trials at Woolworths
This is a concern – Woolworths is now recording each customer and their purchases, via photo identification. This notice is very ambiguous.
Woolworths cybersecurity concerns
And this is why the camera technology is concerning! Woolworths publishes its passwords with label printers… on the monitor that each customer shuffles past to get to the checkouts. This isn’t a good look for a company that may now be using artificial intelligence for customer profiling.

Sample post on facebook

garden lizards

Awesome news – this post was actually published on wordpress (via CMS entry) and has now magically appeared on Facebook.

What a marvellous toolbox of goodies! (Also: testing image reposting.)

Lizards are the feature image.

It’s important that the lizards make an appearance too.